Thursday, April 16, 2009


It is time to reflect on the Paragould Tax Day Tea Party on Wednesday, April 15, 2009. All local media was informed of the Paragould Tax Day Tea Party- from Jonesboro to Poplar Bluff and from Walnut Ridge and Kennett. Television, radio, and newspapers were all given press releases. Flyers were handed out. Websites, email and Twitter accounts were created. These were just some of the ways to prepare for the upcoming protest.

Thirty minutes before the starting time, many people starting coming to the protest. The people continually flowed throughout the day. I talked to many of the people, some could only be there during their lunch time, others were able to stay the whole two hours. Even as we were putting the tables away and cleaning up, several people were still coming, ready to sign their name to the petition / letters.

There were over 200 people that attended the Paragould Tax Day Tea Party. I am thrilled at all the people that took the time out of their day to let our Congressman/woman know how we feel. People from all over the area: Paragould, Brookland, Bono, Marmaduke, Lafe, and Jonesboro. We also had people from Missouri and other states represented. Signs, honks, waves, and thumbs up were seen and heard. The energy was high and exciting.

Tim Howard, author and pastor, spoke about where the founding fathers stood on big government and financial responsibility- from government and individuals. A couple of people from the crowd also spoke about being a proud American Veteran.
Many people spoke about the upcoming July protest. I was not sure about doing it, but so many people came to me saying they wanted it. The thought is that this is not a one time deal, but a continuation about telling Congress we are not giving up until they change and se we are serious in our effort. Let’s keep track and in touch. The Tax Day Tea Party was just the beginning, keep in touch and keep informed.


  1. What is next? How about standing up against holywood this summer. My family is going to skip going to the movies since most of holywood is so for Obama and many have nothing nice to say about conservitives. I just don't get why they were so against Bush and are so for Obama. Maybe next year when they have to pay their 2009 taxes we will hear a different tune!

  2. I am glad to see that the tea party movement is still going. is a site I set up to help people organize parties and find information, I hope it helps.